Playing poker can be a hobby to many, but some players play poker as a profession. You can easily differentiate between a social player and a professional player due to distinct traits of the pros. If you have recently developed an interest in poker do not want to look like a wild deer among the pros, you will need some table ethics. Here are some of the do’s and don’t for your next 1b2uthai poker game.

Play winning hands

The basic strategy that you should follow while playing with the pros is to only bet on winning hands. If you really think bluffing can make you win among the pros, you can end up in a big trap you created yourself. Also, do not play for the sake of playing, show interest in the game so that the players around you get the thrill of playing against you. If you are throwing your money on the table, you will be finished quickly. Play safe, in the beginning, to set your base strategy strong.

winning hands

Know your turn

When you are at the table, always keep track of the gameplay. Know when it is your turn and check the time you have to make your call. If you are too distracted from the table to forget your turn, you are only spoiling the game for everyone. Do not be busy while you are in the game. If you need a break, leave the table and come back when you are ready to play again. Also, do not occupy a seat on the table if you are not playing. You can stand at a comfortable distance and watch the game.

Control your emotions

You need to control your emotions while you are playing at the table. Pro players can read even your minimal facial reactions to predict whether you have good or bad cards. Learning to control your emotions is a major part of becoming a pro. If you lost control over your emotions while winning and losing, you would disturb other players as well.

Handle your chips

If you play with your chips instead of playing the game, you are giving away that you are a novice. Chips are one of the important parts of the game and need to be placed properly in the table. You must learn to arrange the chips in the right way according to their denominations. Avoid fidgeting with your chips and keep them properly stacked to avoid irritating other players with the noise and disturbance at the table.

Handle your cards

Another important part of the game is the cards. You should handle the cards properly while they are in your hands and give them back properly to the dealer. Do not throw the cards away on folding and losing. If you reveal your cards when you throw them, you will give away a lot of information. Instead of tossing them away, slide them gently towards the dealer, making sure that the cards are face down.


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