The food menu at a sports bar is a matter of delight for everyone and excitement. Be it the unique ingredients or the combination; everything fits the bill. A lot of people have been bragging about the kind of food that makes it to their menu and all that happens for a reason. The kind of chefs that are qualified to be at this place tends to be individuals with the most amount of experience. So, if you are still wondering about the same, then here’s a list of the items that you need to try.

Pub Royale, Chicago

If you are looking for an Indian- British combination, then this place is the right one for you. A quick look at the menu and you might be confused about what to order. The essential craft beer or rum-spiked chai are two of the most popular options when it comes to the drinks menu. Apart from that, the usual burgers and wings make it to the list for everyone’s desire. Special dishes from India like Chicken Tikka, roles and so on, are also available at an affordable price.

The Athletic Club Oakland, California

Apart from the food items, this place has about 37 plasma tv screens to help you have the best of times. If you arrive in huge numbers, then you might have the best deals. The place tends to give you a huge discounts for a huge crowd, especially when it comes to beers. The list does not end there and comes loaded with sandwiches, burgers and the usual ones filled with cheese. In the end, if you are looking for some dessert, then names such as butterscotch, hot fudge and so on are here for your delight.

Katy Trail Ice House, Dallas

The moment you visit Dallas, you have to check out this place since it boasts some of the best in terms of everything. From food to viewing experience, you will be glad to find all of it in one place. Even if you don’t enter the place, the smell of barbeque is bound to cast you in this direction, when you pass by. Breakfast tacos and charro beans are few of the other option that you need to check out.

Old Town Pour House, Chicago

Apart from Pub Royale, Chicago has few other places that seem to make it to every list of top ten. The Old Town Pour House needs a special mention, and you will agree with us once you visit the place. A menu that consists of American delights is readily available to help you out. From Buffalo shrimp to Burgers, this place does have it all.


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