San Francisco opens its doors for some fun and excitement in the form of bars and sports bars. They are known to ignite the passion of the game and eventually help you have a great time. Regardless of the company, some of these bars have features that top the rest of the places. It is not quite hard to spot one of them since most of them are located at prime locations. So, if you are looking for some fun, then here’s a list of some of the best bars in San Francisco.

The Final Final

Be it the food or the drinks menu; The Final Final is one place that has it all. Their list consists of a diverse range of options and helps you have the best time. With over 12 flat screens, you are bound to spend most of the time looking at the screen and cheering for your favourite team. Regardless of the sport that you support, you can get to experience everything on the big screen. Apart from this, the option of a dartboard is another feature that most customers seem to be liking. Hence, if you are in the place, then do visit The Final Final at Cow Hollow.

Blackthorn Tavern

The Blackthorn Tavern is everything that you could possibly want in a sports bar. It is quite different from the rest and has a touch of fun sprinkled all around the place. You and your buddies are bound to have a great time here and make the most out of the evening. Based on the day of the week, the bar has a set of different activities lined up, so you need to select the one that fits your list of interests. If none of this seems to match, then you need to check the mouth-watering food menu.

Greens Sports Bar

Greens Sports Bar was established for a reason, and that is to serve the Marina Bros. Their huge list of services is clear to make everyone happy and will be a delight to the rest of the public. With over 20 TVs, the place looks like the ideal one for your weekend gateway. Since the place is filled with sports lovers, you might also make a few friends.

Golden Gate Tap Room

There are very few places on this list that can compete against the Golden Gate Tap Room in terms of space. The place opens up for the right kind of charm and consists of activities that fit everyone’s list of options. Being located at a prime location, it is not quite hard to find this place. Hence, check out all these places and understand the unique experience.


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